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Corporate Office - Sioux Lookout

1 Black Bear Road, Sioux Lookout, ON



Darrell Morgan 

Cell 807-355-5416

Vice President

Lew Morgan 

Cell 807-738-0048

Chief Operating Officer

Al Howie 

Cell 807-738-0390

Chief Financial Officer

Laurel Hakala 

Cell 807-738-0066

Operations Manager

Max Morgan 

Cell 807-738-1644

Sales Manager

Jeff Deley

Cell 431-275-6392

Human Resources Administrator

Diane Martin 

Cell 807-738-4501


Site Supervisor

Jesse Gerula
Ph 807-937-2149

Fax 807-937-4338

#15627 Hwy 17 East, Dryden, ON


Dryden Airport

Del Schmucker

Ph 807-937-5122

Fax 807-937-6222

1012 Airport Road Unit 8, Dryden, ON

(to the left of the main terminal)

Red Lake/Ear Falls

Site Supervisor

Vaughn Blab 

Ph. 807-735-9920

Fax 807-735-1237

4 Industrial Park, Balmertown, ON

(Off Nungessor Rd)

Sioux Lookout

Site Supervisor

Roy Seamark 

Ph 807-737-2250

Fax 807-737-2617

1 Black Bear Road, Sioux Lookout, ON


Site Supervisor

Mark Derksen 

Ph 807-468-6050

Fax 807-468-7278

1 Dennis St, unit 3 Kenora, ON

Pickle Lake

Site Supervisor

Brent Beever 

Ph 807-928-2261

Fax 807-928-2970

9 Nord Road, Pickle Lake, ON

Thunder Bay

Site Manager

Jay Larrett

Ph 807-473-4449

1280 Rosslyn Rd, Thunder Bay, ON


Site Supervisor

Eldon Beer

Ph 204-832-2446

Fax 204-832-2779

1253 Hall Rd, Headingley, MB

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